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Bed Bug Removal

What is your best option for bed bug removal? This is a crucial question for anyone dealing with a bed bug problem. PureHeat not only has the answer, PureHeat IS the answer. The ONLY 100% effective bed bug removal treatment is thermal remediation. Only heat can reach bed bugs in every possible place they can hide; Heat penetrates cracks and crevices to kill bed bug larvae, adults and eggs. Unlike topical chemical treatments and dustings, heat will penetrate into a mattress, under the carpet and into wall voids where bugs typically hide. By applying heat evenly throughout a structure, we are able to kill all the growth stages of the bed bug in a day.

Heat is the only proven bed bug treatment that will kill eggs that are hidden in places pesticides can't reach. Bugs can hide in places chemicals can't reach, but nothing can hide from heat. Bed bugs, termites, mold—in fact most living creatures—cannot survive sustained temperatures above 120-degrees F. Within moments, their cells stop working and their body tissues dry up. Not only does our safe, "green" bed bugs removal process kill bed bugs, it also kills allergens, spores, bacteria and viruses and can even detoxify harmful chemicals and reduce odors. When we are finished treating your property, it will be free of bed bugs.

We know how to remove bed bugs. We use a controlled, closely-monitored scientific heating process that kills every stage of this harmful pest, from eggs to adults. We also know how to treat our customers: with the utmost compassion and personal attention, and a rock-solid guarantee.

PureHeat Guaranteed Bed Bug Removal

We can solve your bed bug problem and give you peace of mind. We're here, we care and we will respond to your request within 24 hours.

Only PureHeat has the 100% Zero Bed Bugs Guarantee. We guarantee 100% that you will see ZERO live bed bugs after our visit. In the unlikely event that you see even one live bed bug within 30 days, we will come back and re-treat at no cost to you.

We're here for you,

Sandy Rubenstein and Ken Bogdanoff, Founders

P.S. Call us today: We will take the time to talk with you and answer any questions you may have about bed bug removal.

1 Call + 1 Visit = 100% Bed Bug Removal

I manage a 75-bed assisted living facility. K-9 investigators found bedbugs in 37 of our individual residences. After several failed chemical treatments, we searched for an alternative. PureHeat coordinated the entire process, treated all 37 rooms, and even moved the furniture from our common areas into the rooms they were treating. For 5 days, PureHeat worked around the patients and caregivers in our facility, and completely solved our bed bug problem. In our opinion, heat is the only way to treat bed bugs, and PureHeat is a professional, caring company I recommend to any facility manager I speak to.

Betty, MA

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