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It’s easy to prepare for our PureHeat Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs, and unlike traditional chemical methods, you will only have to do it once! Here are a few important things you can do to prepare—but don’t worry. If you miss anything, we will catch it before we begin the process. We know how to eliminate bedbugs, and your preparation will help, so thank you!

  • Pets

  • Plants

  • Food (Items can be left in your refrigerator)

    • Fruits

    • Vegetables
    • Food that melt (ex. Chocolate, candy, cheese)​
  • Medical
    • Prescription drugs​
    • Over-the-counter drugs
  • Flammable items
    • Alcohols​
    • Lighters
    • Matches
    • Solvents
  • Meltable items
    • Make-up​
    • Wax-based items (candles, wax, figurines, lipstick)
  • Pressurized items
    • Spray cans
    • Fire extinguishers
    • Oxygen bottles
  • Musical instruments
    • Stringed​
    • Wooden
  • Other
    • Valuable or fragile items can be inspected by our team to determine whether or not they need to be removed. ​A rule of thumb is to remove anything that you wouldn't leave in your car on a hot day. 
  • Clothing: Bed bugs hide in clothing, so whenever possible, clothing should be left in the house. Clothing items can be left in drawers and hanging in the closet. Open drawers and closet doors. If clothing is tightly packed, remove some items to allow airflow. Any clothing removed from the premises before our treatment must be dried using the hottest drier setting, which will mimic the heat process we employ in your indoor space. Dry clothing and other fabrics will not shrink or be damaged by this heat—only wet clothing can potentially be damaged at these temperatures. Do not return clothing to bags or baskets you transported them in unless the containers are also treated. 

  • Fabrics: Blankets, linens, towels and similar items should be placed in open-weave laundry baskets, packed loosely for air circulation.

  • Electronics: Bed bugs can hide in televisions, computers, stereos, video games and the like. Simply turn all electronics to the “off” position. 


Our process involves the use of fans to circulate heated air, so that it reaches all areas of your house to eliminate bed bugs.

To protect your belongings, please:

  • Remove breakable items from shelves or wherever they could be damaged.

  • Remove pictures and other wall-mounted items from the wall and set them on the floor.

  • Box up any loose papers or other items that could be blown around.

  • Partially deflate and unplug airbeds, as the air inside them will expand when heated. 

  • Drain waterbeds. If waterbeds are not drained, bed bugs on the bed frame may survive due to the cooling action of the water.

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