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"I really didn't think there were businesses like this anymore. I thought we had bedbugs, and I was a total wreck since we live in a big old house and have tons of stuff. I spent a week in a crazed state, looking for bugs and frantically trying to get everything I could in the dryer. I finally realized that I needed help, and called Pureheat. Sandy spent about 20 minutes talking to me, asking lots of questions, and said she suspected whatever we had wasn't bed bugs. She sent her team out to my house to check, and didn't even charge us for their time. They quickly determined that what I had thought were bedbugs were actually carpet beetles, a much easier pest to get rid of, which Pureheat doesn't deal with. I was prepared to hire them to heat treat the house, so their honesty cost them a pretty penny. Because of them I had the first good night's sleep in ages-- thank you Pureheat!"

​ JB, Roslindale, MA

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