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The science behind our patented PureHeat process is simple: Heat kills. Toxic sprays only kill bed bugs, eggs or larvae they contact directly. Bugs can hide in places chemicals can’t reach, but nothing hides from heat. Bed bugs, termites, mold—in fact most living creatures—cannot survive sustained temperatures above 120-degrees F. Within moments, their cells stop working and their body tissues dry up. Not only does our safe, “green” heating process kill bed bugs, it also kills allergens, spores, bacteria and viruses and can even detoxify harmful chemicals and reduce odors. When we are done treating your home or building, it will be free of bed bugs and other pests, and your entire indoor environment will be much healthier!

Bed Bugs Boston

Bed bugs, once the subject of a quaint nursery rhyme song, have become a serious problem in the U.S. and around the world. These nasty, blood-sucking insects are keeping people from sleeping tight around the world—in hotels, apartments, dorms, hospitals, churches and cruise ships and they travel with people right into their homes. 

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