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Four years ago, we had a major bed bug infestation, and spent over $40,000 on traditional bed bug treatment, but no one could solve our problem. That's when we discovered how to kill bed bugs with the Heat Solution, and decided no one should have to go through what we did. At PureHeat, we’re passionate about helping you. WE CAN FIX THIS for you, in one day. Guaranteed.


The science behind our patented PureHeat process is simple: Heat kills. Toxic sprays only kill bed bugs, eggs or larvae they contact directly. Read More

The PureHeat process is a 100% safe, environmentally-friendly solution that eliminates bed bugs, dust mites, termites and more. Read More

Only PureHeat has the 100% Zero Bed Bugs Guarantee. We guarantee 100% that you will see ZERO live bed bugs after our visit. Read More

One day, ZERO survivors! Bed bugs are an unpleasant problem, to say the least; we make eradicating them easy. Read More

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